What Was That About Self-Love?


This month we are talking about love and relationships.  As therapist we have lots of clients enter our office struggling with relationship issues in their marriage; singles who want to be married; and those who are excited about getting engaged/married, or having children.  But what about us?  If we are honest with ourselves we know that we also struggle with some of these same challenges are clients are facing.   So here are a 5 tips to help counselor’s exercise self-love.

  1. 1. BE Honest– Recognize you have some of the same feelings about love and relationship as do your clients and talk about it. (Doing this will reduce transference issues that will arise in your sessions)
  1. Take care of yourself– If you are struggling with a relationship issue seek help. Oftentimes we want our clients to open up in therapy and do the work, however we are not willing to seek help ourselves.   (Talk to a therapist …..Therapist)
  1. Treat yourself- There is nothing wrong with a little self-love. Try a massage, nice dinner, movie, or concert. Whatever you do make it about you. (You deserve it.)
  1. Celebrate your accomplishments– You are an amazing therapist who adds value to the world by what you do and say to others. Love yourself for what you give. (Your gifts are valuable and should be recognized as such.)
  1. Recognize God’s love– Last but not least, God’s has created you in his image and he distinctly designed you for a wonderful purpose so accept the love and care He took to create you. (You were uniquely and wonderfully made out of love.)