Self-Confidence in Your Private Practice

self-confidence image

This month at Illumination Counseling and Coaching, LLC we are discussing self-esteem, worth and a healthy self-image.  Unfortunately this is not just something our clients struggle with, but we as counselor’s struggle with this as well.   One of the areas that counselor’s struggle with self-confidence in is private-practice development and growth.

Here are 8 tried and proven tips to help you build self-confidence as it relates to your practice:

  1. Know your vision– Without a roadmap leading you to a destination your practice is doomed to fail. You must carefully reflect and think about various aspects of your practice such as; what are your monthly goals, where do you see yourself in 5 years, will you accept insurance, and will you develop a group practice model.   All of these questions, and more, are crucial aspects involved with developing a vision for your practice.
  2. Know your worth– If you could place a dollar amount on yourself what dollar amount would you choose? How much education and training was required to provide these services for your clients? How much effort and time does it take for you to develop your amazing training programs or groups for your clients?  How many staff members have you hired to help provide excellent services for your clients? How many books have you purchased/read, resources obtained, and consultation calls had to be able to provide quality resources for your clients?  You are a rare diamond and you and your expertise is valuable.
  3. Know that is ok to be scared but do it anyway– Fear can stifle some from starting their practices and others from trying new ideas within their practice.   I know very well about fear.   I experience some element of fear each and every time I do something new.  I remember the reservation I had when I was writing my book; I asked myself so many questions like, “who will purchase my book”, “what if people hate it”, “will individuals use it to set boundaries” and more.  To be honest, I wanted to quit daily but I pushed through the fears and finished the book.  Your fear does not have to stop the process.
  4. Know your skill– Training, training, and more training is necessary to grow your practice. To perfect your niche and provide the best service possible, you must seek out further training.
  5. Know your niche area-It is important for clinicians or supervisors to determine their niche area.  It’s ok to see a variety of clients but it very important for branding purposes to identify a focus area.  Being a leader in a specific area gives you leverage in the field, as you will soon be able to identify yourself as an expertise.
  6. Know your boundaries– In my book “The Dumping Ground” I discuss the importance of saying No.  No is a complete sentence.   You must establish limits in your practice with pricing, scheduling, no shows, and self-care.    Without limits and boundaries you could potentially burnout, underprice yourself, provide inconsistent policies, and open yourself up to ethical issues.
  7. Know how to ask for help– Seek out professionals in the field that you trust, admire, and value as a professional. Invest in yourself and seek consultation and supervision to acquire new skills.  In addition, hire skilled staff that can help you grow your business.
  8. Know how to take care of yourself– self-care is a word that is thrown around a lot in our professional. My definition of self-care is, an intentional act of taking care of every aspect of you to include, mind, body, mental, and spiritual.  What have you done for yourself lately?

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