Leveraging your Finances and Sanity in the Midst of the Holiday Season

balancing act

It is a busy time for parents, children, families and businesses as they prepare for fiscal year changes, family travel, finals, lots of eating, and shopping.  However, challenges of maintaining and leveraging vacationing clients, missed appointments, reschedules and no shows can put a damper on a clinician’s holiday season as we ourselves prepare for the holidays. A well thought out plan should definitely be put in place prior to the holidays to ensure a steady flow of clients and to ensure your income remains constant.  If there is a decrease in income you should have a backup plan to balance out the finances. Here are 5 proven tips that helped me leverage finances and sanity during the holidays:

  1. Have a conversation with your clients regarding plans for the holidays.   You want to find out there travel plans and there return dates and go ahead and schedule there upcoming appointments
  2. Extending your hours prior to the holiday can generate clients, especially those that have children. This would be a great time to get families into your office since children are out of school and some parents would have more flexibility in their schedule.
  3. Maximize on time and create content for your business and catch up on billing by making sure there is no low hanging fruit out there.  Network with potential referral sources and connect with organizations or colleagues during this time
  4. Look at other streams of income.   Make sure you have other streams of income to help you during the holidays such as:
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Planning webinars
  • Generating newsletters for the next year
  • Writing a book
  • Conducting a holiday group
  1. Take care of yourself.   Do something fun, get a massage, and/or spend time with friends.   Whatever you find peaceful and relaxing do it to gain energy for the influx of business that will come your way soon.

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